We offer wide range of the aesthetic devices for body treatments: skin tightening, reducing cellulite and slimming, long-lasting epilation and well being, slimming concept from France. Termosalud newest technology equipment for most efficient and pleasant body care treatments.

Termosalud aesthetic devices for body (Spain)

Termosalud body care devices – the newest technology equipment for non invasive treatments. The results are being noticed straight after the first treatment. Some of the devices can also be of economy class. More than 30 years experience guarantees the best results. Free delivery in the Baltic countries and free training in Vilnius.

Adipolight lipolytic laser for fast and efficient body reshaping. Up to -3-5 cm just in one session. The device can be combines with RF, non invasive and color therapy options. Original manufacturer catalog Adipolight The real test of the lipolytic laser in Lithuania adipolight real test Table of the measurements Adipolight client results

VMAT acoustic waves and mesoacoustic (vibratory) waves combination for dermocorrection. VMAT basic device has only acoustic waves option. Original manufacturer catalog VMAT catalog

RF zone radio frequency device for body and face care – radio frequency thermolifting, non invasive mesotherapy and color therapy combination suits for skin tightening, firming and anti-cellulite treatments. Original manufacturer catalog RF zone catalog

Criowave the cold which makes You slender. Combination of cryo and acoustic waves ideally suits for body reshaping: fat cells destruction with cold and dermocorrection with acoustic wave. You can notice visible effect right after the first session. Original manufacturer catalog Criowave catalog

Cavit2 ultrasound cavitation device with two hand pieces is perfect for fat reduction treatments. Original manufacturer catalog Cavit2 catalog

Symmed a medical radio frequency device with capacitive and resistant frequency combination. It is is also combined with non invasive mesotherap. There are monopolar and bipolar hand peices for body and facial treatments. Original manufacturer catalog Symmed catalog

Linfopress Evolution professional pressuretherapy device with 24 trousers and jacket sections. Original manufacturer catalog Evolution catalog

Body esculptor electrostimulation device for body treatments with 16 electrodes and 13 preset programs. It can be purchased with or without a stand. Suits well for body shaping treatments. General manufacturer catalog Termosalud catalog

Body system combination of  electrostimulation and infra red rays therapies for body treatments. Device can be purchased with or without a stand. Ideal for body remodelling treatments. General manufacturer catalog Termosalud catalog

Linfopress Elite pressuretherapy device with boots, belt and sleeves. Tensiometer helps to choose the right set up of the procedure. Ideal to complete other slimming and anti-cellulite treatments. Genral manufacturer catalog Termosalud catalog

Dermotherm device combines 2 very efficient technologies for slimming: vacuum and infra red rays therapies. It is ideal treatment to destroy fat cells and tigheten the skin. It can be ordered with or without the stand. General manufacturer catalog Termosalud catalog

Thermo blankets for body wrappings. It can be with serveral separately adjusted zones. This is ideal mean for detoxyfying anf body shaping treatments. General manufacturer catalog Termosalud catalog

Multiwell slimming concept (France)

Multiwell equipment is the slimming concept, which is used very often in many obesity clinics all over the world. The treatments complex can solve different types of body shaping problems. Non invasive, pleasant and fast treatments help Your clients to achive the best results is short time. All the devices can also be of economy class – more details by e-mail or phone. Warranty – 2 years. Free delivery in the Baltic countires and free training in Vilnius. General manufacturer catalog Multiwell catalog

Ohmniscan is the body analyzer, which defines fat mass, lean mass, water balance, basal metabolism, daily energy needs, body mass index. The device analyses results and states the shape of client’s body.

Effisonic low-frequency ultra-sounds (0,03MHz) penetrate through the adipose tissue, weakens the fibers that surround the adipocyte cells and favors fat acids release, drains it in order to favor the evacuation. The biological effect of the ultrasounds activates the local venous and lymphatic circulation, relaxes the muscles. The vibrating effect of the ultrasounds facilitates the penetration of active substances though the skin. This is painless method enables the most rebellious fat particles to be treated.

Effidrain lymphatic drainage which encourages the transfer of the lymph to the venous system. This pleasant treatment stimulates regeneration of the cells, helps to shape the figure, to remove cellulite, get rid of „heavy legs“ feeling, stagnate water from the tissues. Boots and belt supplied by inflating elements for sequential pressure. Thanks to integrated pressure-gauge specialist can control the process of treatment. The device proposes 10 program of different action.

Effilyse is the ideal assistant to develop and create personalized nutrition plan. This software enables the beautician to fill in the individual and specific customer’s preferences for food, his/her nutrition habits, body shape test measurements.

Effiline vaccum theraphy is a solution for cellulite removal, also it stimulates circulatory, keeps skin tissues in better condition, relaxes muscles. 6 different massage heads make treatment comfortable and pleasant. Besides, the Bioderm technique can be applied to the face (scars and wrinkles treatment). Effiline combines unique essential oil system and vacuum therapy. These two techniques combination makes treatment effective and pleasant. Effiline allows to manage five different treatment goals: vascularization, defibrosing, drainage, reflex effects, relaxation.

Effistim electro-therapy enables two techniques of work: lipo-stimulation  – enables to treat the cellulite in releasing the fat acids by sending a painless current through the hypodermis; myo-stimulation – offers a passive muscular activity by sending a painless current through the muscle, adapted to body toning and remodeling. Also it can be used to burn fat acids, released during other treatment.

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