Lemi 4 is electrically operated high comfort cosmetics bed. Minimum height – 62 cm, maximum height – 92 cm. Length – 190 cm, width – 64 cm. Standard model includes hand set control. Original manufacturer catalog Lemi4

Lemi 3 is cosmetic couch with electrical height regulation for aesthetic treatments. Height is regulated from 62 cm to 92 cm. Width – 62 cm, length – 190 cm. Original manufacturer catalog Lemi3

Electrically operated cosmetic couch Tesera can be with 1,2 or 3 motors for different positions regulation. Dimensions: 230 x 62 x 62-92 h cm. Original manufacturer catalog Tesera

Lemi 2 is one of the most popular hydraulic cosmetic bed for different types of treatments. Cosmetic bed  positions are changed with clamps. Minimum height – 65 cm, maximum height – 85 cm; width – 62 cm, length – 190 cm. Original manufacturer catalog Lemi2

Syncro Bizak is an elegant and comfortable electrically operated cosmetic chair. Standard model includes foot pedal control. Original manufacturer catalog SyncroBiZak

One of the most comfortable pedicure chairs Podo dream has electrical operation. The chair can be easily transformed into cosmetic bed. Original manufacturer catalog PodoDream

Podo high chair for pedicure which height is 103 cm. It has 3 motors and plenty of additional options. Original manufacturer catalog PodoHigh

Podo bruso peducrure couch with 3 motors is ideal for any podology cabinet. Original manufacturer catalog PodoBruso

Lemi Podo5 is motors pedicure chair. Exceptional comfort for both beautician and client. Original manufacturer catalog Podo5

Podo slinder is compact and functional pedicure chair with 3 motors. Additional options can be ordered. Original manufacturer catalog PodoSlinder

Podo3 is simple and functional pedicure chair with 1 motor and curved arm rests. Original manufacturer catalog Podologia

Lemi Pedi SPA elegant and luxury pedicure chair

Lemi Pedi SPA is the best solution to make Your centre real SPA! Pedi SPA is one of the most comfortable and elegant SPA chairs. This is ideal equipment for pedicure and manicure treatments. Hydro massage is provided by 10 nozzles, 4 in the bottom of the bassin and 6 on the sides of it. If needed You can manage the nozzles spearately. Lemi Pedi SPA is equipped with ozon therapy system, which makes the hydro massage even more effective and pleasant. Ozon is very good antibakterial and antiseptic mean. Original manufacturer catalog PediSPA

Pedicure SPA pedicure chair (Star design)

Star design Pedicure SPA is modern and comfortable pedicure chair with hydro massage basin. Back rest has an option of vibrating massage. Comfortable and nice way to take care of the feet and hands.

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