The first customized cosmetics system.

Digital diagnostics + personalized formula.

kreamas1Cremology is a new revolutionary dermocosmetic concept based on the complete personalisation of the product, thereby guaranteeing the most appropriate treatment for the needs of each person and, of course, ensuring the best results in facial care. Therefore, this is a cosmetic that is design to treat individual problems: “a cosmetic that is tailor-made for your skin”.  To find out what specific treatment each skin needs, a digital diagnostics is carried out using a professional measuring device which assesses the level of sensitivity, hydrations, elasticity, grease, pores, blemishes and wrinkles of the skin. According to the results obtained, and using our Digital Cosmetic Prescription software, the best comination of Active ingridients and Concentrates is selected to treat the problems detected. This means that the perfect facial cream is produced for each person. Cremology is a radically different dermocosmetic concept, created from the combination of new technologies and cosmetics.

In total we have 26 active ingredients and 6 concentrates, with wich we can create around 50,000 different combinations, which means we can guarantee that every skin type can be treated according to its specific characteristics and needs.

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